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RYNX is not just your fancy personal message board.

It’s your digital data’s gate to the real world. Don't leave that information unnoticed in your pocket until you check your phone. Free it by connecting your favorite apps to your display. Get instant updates from the things that matter.

There are so many emails. Every. Day.

What about the essential information? Use RYNX to have the most important information of the day in front of you in huge, physical letters. Get reminded of changes so you never miss something crucial again.

Why is everyone so distracted?

Get your customers' attention by engaging their senses. When the information on your display changes, a world of gentle clacking and dance-like rotating movements briefly emerges. That’s how you reach your audience.

team-rynx-holger-driehaus.jpg team-rynx-holger-driehaus.jpg
RYNX is about approaching people differently, in a more mindful way. The displays are large, but only suited for short texts. This allows the user to concentrate on the essentials. And that is what RYNX is all about.
Holger Driehaus, product design |



RYNX is your visual hub. Connect it to all of your desired apps, websites and services. Keep up-to-date on everything you want. Download, develop and share apps. Set up your own API, if you want to.


Set up schedules for daily routines. See the weather forecast when you have breakfast or get reminders for upcoming meetings. Use our dynamic building blocks that update automatically. Pass over such tasks to be more productive.


Be creative and express yourself. Everyone cares about what you have to say anyway, so why don't you shout it out loud? With a font size of around 150 pt your messages will no longer go unnoticed. Just type them in and let RYNX do the talking.
team-rynx-sebastian-ewert.jpg team-rynx-sebastian-ewert.jpg
RYNX is dynamic - from the movement that forms the message to its content. It's possible to connect apps or APIs and receive real time updates. The user has control over how connected and automated his display is.
Sebastian Ewert, software development |


RYNX Explosion Image
Our displays are highly energy efficient thanks to their mechanical parts. Once set, texts do not consume any further energy, thus saving your wallet and the environment. The mechanics also result in the unobtrusiveness of the displays, which neither hum or flicker. And because of the few mechanical components, the displays are extremely robust and durable.
team-rynx-manuel-weber.jpg team-rynx-manuel-weber.jpg
What fascinates me about RYNX is the idea of a new way to communicate very energy-efficiently and ecologically. Combined with the attraction of mechanical motion RYNX is also very satisfying to watch.
Manuel Berkei, hardware development |

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Why are we so passionate about RYNX? Because we believe in making something great. RYNX is more than just an ordinary design product. For us, it is proof that there can be efficient display technologies that do not permanently consume energy.
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