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The economic and durable solution for your airport, train station, hotel or event facility.

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Say hello to a new, mechanical world.
Split-flap-like displays made in Germany.


A form that follows its function almost as if it knew, that simplicity is the key of true elegance.

  • Frame

    Each display comes in silky matt black or white with high-class materials like glass or aluminium.

  • Typography

    Benefit from our proportional typeface with six font weights and automatic kerning, fully mechanic.

  • Style

    A unique retro futurism style with neither roots nor ancestors, just moving types.


Size does matter, once your customer needs to read your message from the other side of the room.

  • Extent

    Each row has a height of 9 cm and a variable length between 50 cm and 200 cm.

  • Modularity

    The rows are independent and connectable, combine them as you desire.

  • Font Size

    A poster size font of around 150 point lets you shout out every message loud.


Connects to your API's, databases and all other sources of information with ease.

  • (Web-)App

    Use our app anytime, anywhere and with any device. Digital in, analog out.

  • Cloud

    Manage your messages in the cloud to schedule them or set up your input sources.

  • Materialize

    Transfer your thoughts into the real world, physical and touchable. Just like that.

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