The new extraordinary

This is for the unique
For those who are not afraid to stand out and don't try to fit in. Those who simply are themselves and allow the world to adapt around them. This is for you.
And the curious
For those who are playful and take the time to understand the world better. Those who enjoy, embrace and celebrate life through every moment.

The latest in digital signage


With the precise printing of mechanical rings, the desired text is displayed without the use of electricity. As the content changes, the rings begin to move through black and white patterns until each ring reaches its position. An accompanying gentle clacking sound draws attention for a brief moment.

  • Excellent contrast and readability
  • Ultra low energy consumption
  • No use of rare-earth elements
  • Robust and durable


It’s possible to connect the displays to multiple apps, services, APIs, or customized webhooks to show the most current information. This is displayed immediately (instant) or at predetermined intervals. Additionally, countdowns can alert you when deadlines are approaching. Or simply get messages from friends and family.


When you see something for the first time, it is magical. It arouses your natural curiosity. It stimulates your desire to understand and use it. You want to know why something is done this way. How did it not exist before? Find out.


An interdisciplinary approach

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The robust and maintenance-free reluctance motors that drives the rings are developed in-house and provide high efficiency. Since they do not use rare-earth elements, they are extremely eco-friendly. Each motor controls one to five rings via a carrier system.



Iterative optimization of the characteristic pattern creates beautiful fonts. In spite of containing only a few pixels, it can display any character in a variety of font styles and weights thanks to how it’s laid out.


Retro-futuristic design gives the displays their iconic appearance. Both the 8-bit font and the mechanics seem to hail from a bygone era. What is their origin and why have you never seen these before?

All for this one moment

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This is for you

Watch the rings move in perfect sync as they smoothly shape your message and admire the perfect interplay of all components.

Sustainable by design


While conventional displays need energy continuously to show content, RYNX displays only use electricity for a short time when the content changes. In continuous use, an LCD TV consumes up to 1,000 kWh / 400 kg CO2 / 300 euros per year.


Conventional displays have to be replaced after only a few years in professional use. Our displays are designed to last. This is due to the simple construction, which only uses parts that are operated well below their usage limit.


The modularity of our displays allows individual components to be exchanged. In the event of damage, it is therefore not necessary to replace the entire display. When selecting the components, we avoid using rare earths or other critical elements.

The world of RYNX


The smart home gadget you’ve been waiting for. With just a few clicks, you can create your own smart service or browse our great selection of pre-built apps. You can show the current Bitcoin price or weather information on your display. Show the time in the most beautiful way possible, or view the messages from your friends and family.


Upgrade your office, agency or innovation lab with a few smart displays from RYNX. You can show your visitors information on events or communicate important deadlines and KPIs to your employees. Use one of the most unique displays available to stay in touch and show your appreciation to your crowd.


Use our displays in your cafe, bar, restaurant or hotel to communicate upcoming events with your valuable customers. You don’t have to settle for mediocre TVs anymore. Stand out from your competition. Impress your customers and make a lasting impression.

About RYNX

Our Story

In the designing of RYNX, we drew inspiration from the old split-flap displays found at airports. A new type of display with it’s own iconic design was created that’s far more efficient and robust than similar displays.

Our Partners

RYNX is developed in close collaboration with customers and is a result of partnerships with many developers and pilot customers. We are always open to new collaborations and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our team

Founded collectively by a team of interdisciplinary experts, the team’s common goal is to create a new type of display that is better than any that is currently available. Get in touch if you would like to work with us.

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